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Soaring with Didi is the creation of Ndidi Nkwopara bringing together all her passions in one place. As a black, African female writer she brings two inspirational books.  These books take you on journey of her memoirs covering the subjugation of women surviving cancer and the impact on families.

Ndidi is also a lifecoach and is working towards bringing a new festival to Leeds in 2024.

Soaring with Didi

Life Coaching

Life coach

Soaring With Didi was set up to provide Life Coaching Sessions that will enable people to embrace change and live fulfilling lives congruent with their core values,
despite their challenges. Therefore, living as and being the best version of themselves.

My services are targeted towards people at crossroads of life, people who are either struggling to embrace change or struggling with making major life decisions. The result of our work at Soaring With Didi is that our clients are enabled to learn the Art of Leveraging and holding on to their visions like the Eagle's Eye, while the process unfolds. Small changes do count.

My Publications

My latest two books are available to purchase here.  As an African author I cover a wide range of relevant issues in my memoirs, including the subjugation of women, surviving cancer and the impact on affected families.   Discover more about my books and how to purchase in my shop.

In The Press

‘An interesting mix of ‘inspirational story’ and a ‘strong woman battling through life’. All of this with a religious undercurrent. Perfect for readers who enjoy biography and Christian non-fiction. Possibly a little too short to allow the reader to really get into her story, but it’s interesting and, often, inspiring.’

The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

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