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My Story

Retreat To Rebirth is my first book, it is a memoir about the me surviving cancer, a divorce and relocating to another country with my children while having nothing but faith in my pocket. In spite of all the odds, I have nurtured my daughter with mild learning difficulties into maximising her potentials and I have also built a thriving natural skincare brand, Ariella. I share my life lessons to encourage women to recognise their worth and maximise their potentials.

Poverty is A Woman, Her Daughters Look Like Her is my second non-fiction book. It captures the travails of African women entrepreneurs as the world progresses towards gender equality by closing the financial gap. I also share my  journey as a female entrepreneur in African Shea Value Chain, working with the rural women producers to process sheanuts into sheabutter. From the farmgate, the sheabutter is transported to the cosmetic factory in the urban city and finally
to the retail shelves of shops and spas as finished products like Ariella Sheabutter.


Retreat to Rebirth is Available Now:

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Soaring With Didi was set up to provide Life Coaching Sessions that will enable
people to embrace change and live fulfilling lives congruent with their core values,
despite their challenges. Therefore, living as and being the best version of themselves.
My services are targeted towards people at crossroads of life, people who are either
struggling to embrace change or struggling with making major life decisions. The result of our work at Soaring With Didi is that our clients are enabled to learn the Art of Leveraging and holding on to their visions like the Eagle's Eye, while the process unfolds. Small changes do count.